It is the tradition of GLOBAL to organized cultural events regularly. In March 2020, the Global Group was imbued in the delirious shades of Cultural Fest 2020, that got its due recognition left, right and centre. The events like Fashion show, Robo-war, Tug-o’-war, Rangoli and Mehendi competitions, Poster contest, Wall painting, Drawing contest, solo and group Dance competitions, Dramas and so many other events were organized in the college premises. The Fashion show and the DJ Night had been the head and shoulder of the Cultural Fest 2020 which amassed a sea of crowds from all corners of the region.

The Tech Fests organised in Global, are an opportunity for the students to showcase their talents in designing technology based models and creations. The events like robo-race, robo-war need a lot of skills. The mechanical motors, vehicles designed by the college students are very popular in the Tech Fests. The electronic, civil and computer based models which are presented by the talented students in the Tech Fests, inspire others to design something new and thrilling, and also to bring out the hidden scientist and engineer in you.The tech-fests are both enjoyable and motivating.

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