Entrepreneurship Cell

Entrepreneurship can broadly be defined as the creation or extraction of value. With this definition, entrepreneurship is viewed as change, which may include other values than simply economic ones. The more modern entrepreneurship definition is also about transforming the world by solving big problems. Like initiating social change, creating an innovative product or presenting a new life-changing solution. It’s about building a life on your own terms. No bosses. No restricting schedules. And no one holds you back. Entrepreneurs are able to take the first step into making the world a better place, for everyone in it.

Entrepreneurs are some of the world’s most powerful transformers. From Elon Musk sending people to Mars to Bill Gates and Steve Jobs making computers part of every household, entrepreneur imagine the world differently. Entrepreneurs see possibilities and solutions where the average person only sees annoyances and problems.

An “Entrepreneurship Cell cum Committee" is being constituted at Global Nature Care Sangthan's Group of Institutions, Faculty of Engineering & Management, Jabalpur; The committee is as under:

Core Members:
    Mr. Saurabh Baderia -Patron
    Dr. Rajiv Kahtri -Chairperson
    Prof. Manoj Tiwari -Incharge
    Prof. Amit Joy Pershadi
    Prof. Vaibhav Hoonka
    Prof. Ajeet Singh
    Prof. Vishal Shrivastava
    Prof. Arvind Shrishad
Industry Expert:-
    Mr. Manish Shrivastava
    Mr. Atmanand Dubey

The Mission, Vision and Objective of the E Cell :

Mission- The EDC shall strive to create opportunities by sowing the seed of entrepreneurship for the students.

Vision- EDC Global aims at developing an insight into entrepreneurship and opening the doors of opportunities for the students.

1. To create an entrepreneurship eco-system in the College where students would learn the technicalities of entrepreneurship.
2. To produce entrepreneurs who will not only upscale their businesses but also become a part of national development by becoming job providers instead of job seekers.
3. To provide various services in the form of information, training and mentoring for entrepreneurial initiatives.
4. To develop and strengthen entrepreneurial qualities in the budding professionals who are interested in starting their own ventures.

The Functions of E Cell:
1. Conducting entrepreneurship awareness drives at departmental level , to create awareness about the importance of entrepreneurship and the role of EDC.
2. After the awareness drive the student committee is invited to register and become a member of EDC. (Registration is free).
3. Activities are initiated as per the schedule.
4. Each and every activity has well defined objectives.

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