No educational organization, anywhere in the world has the potential of flourishing without having well educated, experienced, skilled and progressive faculty members in its fold. To avoid their knowledge and teaching skills from getting stagnated, the Global management has been organizing the Faculty Development Programmes (FDPs) on a regular basis in its various institutions such as nursing, management, education, paramedical and engineering. The faculties have shown great bit of alacrity and avidness in imbibing the modern teaching methods, pedagogical theories, classroom teaching experiments and so on, during the sessions and presentations by several resource persons, from the field of education. These FDPs have been conducted by the educationists, experts and keynoters who have had a vast degree of experience nationally, and even internationally.

In Feb 2020, one such FDP was sponsored by the RGPV, Bhopal and organized in the Global Auditorium, on the topic of “360 Degree Development of Teachers through Effective Communication”. The faculties learnt how effective communication plays a vital role in everyone’s life, both on personal and professional fronts.

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