Global Picnic & Trips

When the students study continuously and regularly, after some time, boredom and slackness creep up in their minds, which distract their concentration from their studies. Keeping this fact in mind, the Global Group has had its tradition of taking its students to a picnic trip every year. Global has this kind of tradition of organizing picnics and making its students feel refreshed and full of energy.

The Global picnic is enjoyed by everyone because it is at the venue which has scenic beauty and plenty of space for games and recreational activities. In the Global picnics, the students love to participate in singing, dancing, mimicry, amusing games, antakshari etc. They also have the opportunity of spending quality time with their branch-mates and college-mates by having fun, entertainment and enjoyment in them. The students get breakfast, tea and delicious lunch during picnics, which keep them energetic the whole day. Also, the winners of the games, dances, singing and other activities are given attractive and useful gifts, prizes etc., which enhance their morale.

Since the atmosphere during the picnic trips, is exciting and entertaining, every one of the students is absolutely delighted, refreshed and gets recharged to take on the challenges that lie ahead in his academic and social lives. Undoubtedly, the Global picnics are the real energy boosters and unique in every respect.

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