Grievance & Redressal

In order to ensure transparency by technical institution imparting technical education in admissions and with permanent objectives of preventing unfair practices and to provide a mechanism to innocent students for redressal of their grievances. The AICTE has made the regulation for establishment of mechanism for grievances and redressal under clause1 of section 23 of AICTE act, 1987(52 of 1987). The copy of the regulation is available on the AICTE web portal, i.e. -

The regulation have been made under redressal mechanism-
1. Each technical university appoints an ombudsman for redressal of grievances of students under these regulations.
2. The Ombudsman shall exercise its powers to hear any grievances-
      i. If any student against the university or institution affiliated to it or an institute as the case may be, after the student has availed of remedies available in such institution for redressal of grievance; and
      ii. If any applicant for admission as student to such institution.

For more details students can visit the AICTE website mentioned above.

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