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In this technological enhancing era, the time is moving ahead very fast and in order to cope up with it, we are compelled to deal with some ever growing mechanism of updating things with the help of technology, In country like India, where from the ancient time we have been indulging ourselves to update with the demand and need of time to be available with opportunity of enhancement and development. In the same sequel the present time is the time of Digitization. In order to work in this direction, in our institute Global Institute of Engineering and Management we are dedicatedly working for the same. We have developed our own application with the name “My Global App” and we are executing all our day to day work, whether it is associated with students or with the staff, through this application only.

Here is list of some important activities that we are working through

My Global App: Facilities for Students (My Global App):

1. Biometric Attendance Information
2. Balance Fee Record
3. Library Record (Issuance of Books)
4. Provision of giving Assignment Questions
5. Facility of Applying Leave
6. Facility of applying different documents for issuance through My Global App
7. Provision of Gate Pass
8. Raising Complaint & Request
9. Facility of providing Feedback on different services
10. Entire information of Bus route
11. Display of Result & All mark sheets
12. Canteen Related Information
13. Scholarship Related information
14. Information about different activities of college

Facilities for Staff (My Global App): 1. Process of Salary
2. Issuance of Stationery items
3.Applying & Approval of Leave
4.Credit Note process
5.Students Attendance
6.Issuing Notices to students
7.Record of Teaching Classes & Course Completion
8.Information about different activities like Guest Lecture, Training, Field Visit etc
9.Information about Campus Placement
10.Record of Purchasing
11.Record of Staff visiting to field for official purpose and issuance of Petro Card

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