R & D Cell

Vision: To create an outstanding environment for researchers, to enabling their astral research advances.

Mission: To lead, integrate, and deliver multidisciplinary research & development solutions with excellence.

Objective of research: • To gain familiarity with phenomena and achieve new insight into it.
• To portray accurately the characteristics of a particular individual situation or group.
• To discover the truth and facts.
• To test hypothesis of cause and effect relationship with variables.

Advisory committee of R&D Cell
Core Members:
    President: Dr. Rajiv Khatri
    Convener: Dr. Swapnil Nema
Departmental coordinators:
   Prof. Satpal Singh (Coordinator-CSE&IT)
   Prof. Vivek Nema (Coordinator-ME)
   Prof Vishal Shrivastava (Coordinator-EC)
   Prof. Arun Khare (Coordinator-CE)
   Dr. Sandhya Singh (Coordinator-MBA)

Duties and Responsibilities of the Research Committee

The Research Committee serves as a liaison between persons engaged in research and the administration of the institute. The duties and responsibilities of this committee shall be as follows:
1. To advise the department, through the departmental co-coordinator, on the implementation of new research programs and policies construct for the support of research.
2. To serve as a forum for the discussion of improvement and expansion of research activity.
3. To communicate needs or problems related to research and the research environment to the Chairman’s Office.
4. To make recommendations for the coordination of programs to enhance research and the research environment.
5. To make recommendations for the coordination of activities with other committees involved with research.
6. Develop a list of potential researchers for projects.
7. Organizing and managing various workshops or short term training program to promote collaborative research.
8. Coordinate research activities with departments providing relevant research and

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