Every year, the students here in Global Group, have the exposure to the sporting activities. These individual and team sports, which are played indoors and outdoors, give the students physical and mental strengths and agility, as well as the moral values such as discipline, respect for adversaries, determination, inclination for hard and unyielding efforts. These activities are the vital component in bringing about the all-directional development of the students. The games like soccer, kabaddi, chess, cricket, badminton, table tennis, hockey, volley ball, crickets etc are played at the inter-collegiate and nodal level. The excellent sportspersons are awarded with medals, trophies, shields, cups and certificates. They have then the opportunity of evolving their sport careers at inter-university, state and national levels.

The sport events teach students discipline apartfrom testing their physical and mentalstrength. The events are exciting and the atmosphere is such that the students wait eagerly for them the whole year. The sporting talent in students is of great benefit in jobs also, like in the armed forces.In the Global college, the sport events are organised under thestrictrules and watchful eyes of the well qualified and experienced sport officers, that’s why they are important and meaningful.

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