The students have to refresh their thinking process all the time, given the rapid changes taking place around them, especially in the scientific and technical spheres. The workshops organized in the Global Group give the students these opportunities. These workshops also make the students learn new skills, and as a result, they get motivated immensely and start to look for new opportunities. Beside these advantages, the college workshops give them chance of making friends and intermingling with them, which catalyzes their cohesive growth.

In recent times, workshops on the subjects of “Gender Sensitization”, “Illusion”, “Entrepreneurship”,” Emotional Intelligence as a Tool for Ideas Creation” etc have been organized in the Global Group, much to the benefit of the Globalites.

The workshops organized in Global group have meaningful and relevant subjects which attract the students and impel them to know more and learn more. In the workshops, they can put forward their opinions and ask questions also, this two-way communication gives students lots of openness, courage and satisfaction.These workshops have great popularity, therefore, they get huge coverage in the print, electronic and social media also.No one can deny, the workshops organized in Global college are the best in the Mahakoshal region.

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