Grand Global Garba

Garba is a Gujarati folk dance celebrated, in the month of October, a celebration lasting for nine nights. The dance is performed around centrally lit lamp with a picture or statue of the Goddess Shakti. Garba is performed in a circle. The rings of dancers revolve in cycles, as time is cyclical. As the cycle of time revolves, from birth, to life, to death and again to rebirth, the only thing that is constant is the Goddess, that one unmoving symbol in the midst of all of this unending and infinite movement. The dance symbolizes that God, represented in feminine form in this case, is the only thing that remains unchanging in a constantly changing universe.

From the time of its inception, every year the Baderia GLOBAL group hosts one of the largest and the most glamorous Garba fests of the Jabalpur region, this includes dance competitions. The journey of organizing Garba started in 2010 in a comparatively smaller form and in just 3 years it became the biggest Garba show of the Mahakoshal region , attracting a huge sea of crowds from in and around Jabalpur.

The dashing Ethnic wear, artistic props, supple & fluid moves and bundles of energy are the main highlights of the Garba dance competition here. It is an amalgamation of entertainment, excitement, grace and energy. Offering a rich blend of music, dance, and strength, the dance competitions promise an exuberant garland of cultural diversity, learning and never-ending entertainment.

Every student tries his/her best to grab large number of prizes like Best Costume, Best Performer, Best Institute, Mr. Global, Ms. Global a few to mention. Apart from this, the students get the opportunity to meet celebrities live, experiences a footfall of more than 10,000 participants and visitors, chance to show their talent, rejuvenate from hectic schedules, which promotes healthy competition among students.

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Global Times

The Baderia GLOBAL group of Institutions, Jabalpur, now is a well evolved, firmly established and deftly functioning educational entity that has earned its name, fame and reliability across a wide territory of Mahakoshal region. Today, the Baderia GLOBAL group has lots of novel activities, events, strategies and futuristic approach involved in its functioning. Naturally, everyone concerned has an innate desire and curiosity to keep himself abreast of the latest developments taking place in it.

Keeping such a scenario in mind, we have come up with the publication of a colourful, glossy and newsy bi-mensal magazine Global Times that encompasses all the happenings in the campus of the Baderia GLOBAL group. Its coverage of a broad spectrum of the events, views, thoughts, campus activities, technical innovations & inventions etc makes it a lovable and readable journal among the students, faculties and all others, concerned with the organization.

It has news and information about different activities and achievements like Guest Lectures, Workshops, Seminars, Conferences, Symposiums, Faculty Development Programmes (FDPs), Industrial Tours, Training Sessions, Chancellor Awards, College Toppers, Branch Toppers, Cultural Events, Global Garba Contest, Sports Events, Training & Placement, NCC, etc.

The Global Times also includes valuable articles and write-ups from the Director, Deputy Director, Registrar, HoDs, faculty members, and students.

Cultural Fest

It is the tradition of GLOBAL to organized cultural events regularly. In March 2020, the Baderia GLOBAL group was imbued in the delirious shades of Cultural Fest 2020, that got its due recognition left, right and centre. The events like Fashion show, Robo-war, Tug-o’-war, Rangoli and Mehendi competitions, Poster contest, Wall painting, Drawing contest, solo and group Dance competitions, Dramas and so many other events were organized in the college premises. The Fashion show and the DJ Night had been the head and shoulder of the Cultural Fest 2020 which amassed a sea of crowds from all corners of the region.

The Tech Fests organised in Global, are an opportunity for the students to showcase their talents in designing technology based models and creations. The events like robo-race, robo-war need a lot of skills. The mechanical motors, vehicles designed by the college students are very popular in the Tech Fests. The electronic, civil and computer based models which are presented by the talented students in the Tech Fests, inspire others to design something new and thrilling, and also to bring out the hidden scientist and engineer in you.The tech-fests are both enjoyable and motivating.

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Sports Meet

Every year, the students here in Baderia GLOBAL group, have the exposure to the sporting activities. These individual and team sports, which are played indoors and outdoors, give the students physical and mental strengths and agility, as well as the moral values such as discipline, respect for adversaries, determination, inclination for hard and unyielding efforts. These activities are the vital component in bringing about the all-directional development of the students. The games like soccer, kabaddi, chess, cricket, badminton, table tennis, hockey, volley ball, crickets etc are played at the inter-collegiate and nodal level. The excellent sportspersons are awarded with medals, trophies, shields, cups and certificates. They have then the opportunity of evolving their sport careers at inter-university, state and national levels.

The sport events teach students discipline apartfrom testing their physical and mentalstrength. The events are exciting and the atmosphere is such that the students wait eagerly for them the whole year. The sporting talent in students is of great benefit in jobs also, like in the armed forces.In the Global college, the sport events are organised under thestrictrules and watchful eyes of the well qualified and experienced sport officers, that’s why they are important and meaningful.

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Global Picnic & Trips

When the students study continuously and regularly, after some time, boredom and slackness creep up in their minds, which distract their concentration from their studies. Keeping this fact in mind, the Baderia GLOBAL group has had its tradition of taking its students to a picnic trip every year. Global has this kind of tradition of organizing picnics and making its students feel refreshed and full of energy.

The Global picnic is enjoyed by everyone because it is at the venue which has scenic beauty and plenty of space for games and recreational activities. In the Global picnics, the students love to participate in singing, dancing, mimicry, amusing games, antakshari etc. They also have the opportunity of spending quality time with their branch-mates and college-mates by having fun, entertainment and enjoyment in them. The students get breakfast, tea and delicious lunch during picnics, which keep them energetic the whole day. Also, the winners of the games, dances, singing and other activities are given attractive and useful gifts, prizes etc., which enhance their morale.

Since the atmosphere during the picnic trips, is exciting and entertaining, every one of the students is absolutely delighted, refreshed and gets recharged to take on the challenges that lie ahead in his academic and social lives. Undoubtedly, the Global picnics are the real energy boosters and unique in every respect.

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No educational organization, anywhere in the world has the potential of flourishing without having well educated, experienced, skilled and progressive faculty members in its fold. To avoid their knowledge and teaching skills from getting stagnated, the Global management has been organizing the Faculty Development Programmes (FDPs) on a regular basis in its various institutions such as nursing, management, education, paramedical and engineering. The faculties have shown great bit of alacrity and avidness in imbibing the modern teaching methods, pedagogical theories, classroom teaching experiments and so on, during the sessions and presentations by several resource persons, from the field of education. These FDPs have been conducted by the educationists, experts and keynoters who have had a vast degree of experience nationally, and even internationally.

In Feb 2020, one such FDP was sponsored by the RGPV, Bhopal and organized in the Global Auditorium, on the topic of “360 Degree Development of Teachers through Effective Communication”. The faculties learnt how effective communication plays a vital role in everyone’s life, both on personal and professional fronts.

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The Baderia GLOBAL group has been organizing a number of seminars in its campus, from time to time, in order to make its students more aware of the problems coupled with their effective solutions. The invited resource persons, keynote speakers, experts and scholars from various renowned universities, research centers, technical organizations and business houses not only provide the students with invaluable knowledge but also instil in them the confidence and enthusiasm, enabling them to take on the challenges in their lives and professional careers.

If the students are focused during these seminars and guest lectures and take note of the important information and personal experience shared by the resource persons and speakers, they can do something extra-special in their careers and social lives. The Global college provides them the chance of emerging as better, more intelligent and responsible engineers, by attending these seminars and guest lectures.

The students have to refresh their thinking process all the time, given the rapid changes taking place around them, especially in the scientific and technical spheres. The workshops organized in the Baderia GLOBAL group give the students these opportunities. These workshops also make the students learn new skills, and as a result, they get motivated immensely and start to look for new opportunities. Beside these advantages, the college workshops give them chance of making friends and intermingling with them, which catalyzes their cohesive growth.

In recent times, workshops on the subjects of “Gender Sensitization”, “Illusion”, “Entrepreneurship”,” Emotional Intelligence as a Tool for Ideas Creation” etc have been organized in the Baderia GLOBAL group, much to the benefit of the Globalites.

The workshops organized in Baderia GLOBAL group have meaningful and relevant subjects which attract the students and impel them to know more and learn more. In the workshops, they can put forward their opinions and ask questions also, this two-way communication gives students lots of openness, courage and satisfaction.These workshops have great popularity, therefore, they get huge coverage in the print, electronic and social media also.No one can deny, the workshops organized in Global college are the best in the Mahakoshal region.

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The Baderia GLOBAL group is second to none in organizing conferences in its precincts, on a wide range of subjects, which the students are interested in. No doubt, the foremost reason for organizing these conferences is to enhance the students’ knowledge and learning but apart from this, they get the chance of meeting with their like-minded peers who come from different parts of the country, presenting their views and works, and learning beyond the ambit of their fields of study and research.

The speakers in the conferences are the expert of their fields. The knowledge shared by them is the result of their hard work of several years. The conferences organized in Global college are of huge benefits for its students as only the reputed, well-qualified and experienced speakers are invited in them who are famous in the national and international levels. In the Global conferences, students learn how to understand science and technology better and how to do research deeper.

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After the grueling spells of the counseling for the B Tech, Polytechnic Diploma and MBA are over; the Baderia GLOBAL group has had its own tradition of welcoming and inducting every year, the newly admitted students into its fold, by way of organizing heart-warming, glamorous and glittering programmes, titled UDAY. However, these programmes are organized in the Global auditorium, but each and every nook and corner of the Baderia Global institute is imbued with the ceremonial hues of ecstatic frenzy.

The UDAY programmes are being organized since 2009, right when the college started to take its baby steps towards the horizon of academic crescendo, and incidentally, there has been no other college around, to show such an acknowledging gesture towards the new inductees as well as their parents and guardians.

The elaborate preparations for the UDAY ceremonies are done by all the faculties, technical staff and senior students with uttermost care and dedication, for these ceremonies circumscribe introduction to the college, inspirational presentations, quiz programmes, prize distribution, cultural performances and so on.

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