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Provenance of Baderia Phenomenon

Originating with a modest dedication to serving the community, the group initially entered the education sector in 2003 through the establishment of its inaugural institution, the "Regional Institute of Nursing," accommodating 240 students and employing 10 individuals. This initial endeavour provided valuable insights and experience, prompting the group to inaugurate the Balshree (BIPMS) Institute of Paramedical Sciences in 2005.

The knowledge gained and the outcomes from our paramedical institute underscored the significance of healthcare, leading to the realization of the imperative to develop a robust healthcare system in the Mahakaushal region. The community's heavy reliance on neighbouring states for healthcare services fuelled our commitment to societal service. Consequently, the group initiated the Baderia Metro Prime Multispecialty Hospital in 2007. The hospital's primary focus was on delivering quality healthcare services at an affordable cost, thereby elevating our brand reputation over time. We emerged as pioneers in the region, demonstrating expertise across specializations and inspiring other healthcare systems to emulate our model.

At Baderia, we firmly believe that education is the key to advancing our society. In alignment with this belief, the group inaugurated the Sardar Patel Institute of Education in 2008 and our flagship institution, the "Baderia Global Institute of Engineering and Management (BGIEM)," in 2009. BGIEM swiftly gained recognition as a leading educational institution in Engineering and Management within the Mahakaushal region. Renowned for its superior infrastructure, exceptional learning environment, and the highest number of placements in the entire region, the institution has brought significant accolades to our group within a short timeframe.

The group noticed a significant migration of people from nearby villages and towns to the city in pursuit of livelihood opportunities. However, it became evident that the city lacked the necessary infrastructure to accommodate this surge in population. Given our unwavering commitment to societal well-being, the group recognized the vital need for infrastructure development projects. In response, "Global Builders and Promoters" was established in 2009, marking the group's proactive involvement in creating infrastructure projects tailored to the evolving needs of the burgeoning society.

As the group expanded considerably, our aim was to modernize the operational systems and processes across all our group entities. This impetus led us to venture into the Information Technology sector with the establishment of "Baderia Technologies P Ltd" in 2019. The company's core objective was to minimize manual interventions and facilitate the digitization of various processes. It has successfully developed robust systems and software tailored to the specific needs of our education and healthcare companies. Especially post Covid, the Organisation focus completely shifted towards Digitalisation and now Baderia Technologies offers complete technology solutions to the entire group organisations and also started exploring opportunities across India in providing excellent IT Services as per the requirement of the clients.

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